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Agency Debit & Credit Memo Policy

Skyangkor Airline (ZA) ADM policy (Agency Debit Memos)

Skyangkor Airline announces the ADM (Agency Debit memos) policy based on IATA Resolution 850m. This is to clarify the situation in which ADM is issued and to emphasize the guidelines that Skyangkor Airline will apply. ADM is not limited to reservation and ticketing and may be issued for any type of breach.two or more ADMS may be issued on the same ticket for different reasons.


Agency Debit & Credit Memo Policy

1.General rules

Ensure that the transaction of the agency that issued and used the Skyangkor Airline (969) BSP Standard Traffic Document complies with IATA Resolution 850m regulations and issue ADM to collect or adjust the transaction amount. If the penalty is clearly stated, an ADM will be issued based on the amount.


2. violation of ticketing and refund

• collection of freight tax and various fees

• Application of commission without applicable

• non-compliance with refund regulations

• Non-compliance with fare regulations                                             

Ex) min/max Stay, Stopover, penalty, change, etc                                       

• An unreported or unpaid ticket.                                                      

• Fare calculation Line that does not comply with IATA ticketing                         

• Incorrect fare basis or IT code                                                                                          

• Inappropriate fare, tax and fee collection a mark                                    

ex) Collection by tax and fee, etc

• Credit card misuse: In the event of a claim to ZA due to fraudulent use of a credit card related to an agency ticket, Encore Skyangkor Airline shall collect all expenses by charging the agency according to ATA resolution 890.                                

• Use of credit cards that are not allowed under local credit card agreements and commission-applied agency tickets                                                  

• In the event of a ticketing error due to inaccurate information in the GDS, ZA shall issue an ADM to the Agency and the Distributor shall subsequently file an additional claim for the amount with the GDS. However, this is not the case if ZA has provided inaccurate information to GDS.                                                      

• etc


3. Processing of ADM and objection procedure of agency

• ADM Amount: If freight, tax, or other fees are incomplete, the difference between the fare to be charged and the actual fare to be issued is reflected in the ADM amount, and for fully collected tickets that do not comply with the ticketing regulations, ADM administrative fee per ticket will be charged.

•  ADM Exemption Principle:

  • Administration fees will be waived as ADM issuance is not attributable to the agency due to reasons such as inability to purchase a local BSP credit card or refusal to pay passengers.
  • In accordance with the IATA Resolution 850m, if the ADM issue error or the reason for the issue does not belong to the agency, the administrative fee will be canceled or refunded at the same time as the ADM fee issue is canceled. 


•  ADM Settlement:

  • BSP: ADM issued within 9 months of the last boarding date will be processed via BSP link. The issuance of ADM for refund adjustment is within 9months of the BSP remittance date on which the refund document was processed, and the adjustment of the subsequent period is handled directly by the agent and the airline.
  • ADM automatically reflects on the earliest billing cycle after 15 days of objection period. However, it will take time until the first billing period after the agency's objection and the airline's refusal to file an objection.