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Agency Debit & Credit Memo Policy

Skyangkor Airline (ZA) ADM policy (Agency Debit Memos)

Skyangkor Airline announces the ADM (Agency Debit memos) policy based on IATA Resolution 850m. This is to clarify the situation in which ADM is issued and to emphasize the guidelines that Skyangkor Airline will apply. ADM is not limited to reservation and ticketing and may be issued for any type of breach.two or more ADMS may be issued on the same ticket for different reasons.


Agency Debit & Credit Memo Policy

The following ADM policy is valid from issuance date of March 18, 2024, and shall replaces the previous ADM policy. This policy shall be effective until further notice.

Sky Angkor Airlines has right to modify this document if needed.

The latest version is available at at any time.


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Agent Debit Memo (ADM) Policy



1. Principles


In accordance with IATA Resolution 850m, airlines are authorized to audit tickets and issue ADMs. In accordance with this, Sky Angkor Airlines hereby announces its Agency Debit Memos (ADM) policy. This is to clarify the circumstances under which ADMs are issued and to highlight the guidelines Sky Angkor will apply.

ADMs may be issued for any type of violation, such as (but not limited to) fare rules, reservations, ticketing, taxes, commissions, sales, reissues, refund reporting, etc. More than one ADM may be issued for the same ticket for different reasons.


2. General Rule


Ensure that agent’s transactions related to the issuance and use of Sky Angkor Airlines BSP Standard Traffic Documentation comply with IATA Resolution 850m regulations and Sky Angkor Airlines tariffs and issue ADMs to collect or adjust amounts due.

This applies equally to all sales channels, and when the penalty is clearly stated, we will collect the amount in an appropriate and reasonable manner. Anything issued with a 969, regardless of fare type, will be reviewed.


If an agency issues a ticket on a PNR that includes a segment that violates a rule or policy, an ADM or invoice will be issued. ADMs are issued regardless of the ticket stock used. Even if the booking is created by another travel agency or agent, the issuing agency is responsible for the rule/policy violation.


The following items are reviewed.


- Ticketing and refund policy violations

- Booking policy violations


3. ADM Admin Fee Regulation

All ticket issuance, reissue and refund processes are reviewed. This includes all fares issued manually or automatically (including published, commercial, TO, and group fares and conditions) and fare rules, surcharges, commissions, Taxes, and payment methods. ADMs are also issued for canceled, refunded, or unused tickets.

The following violations will result in a flat ADM administrative fee per item.


(Please refer to ADM related fees below)










Non-compliance with fare regulations





Non-compliance with refund regulations


Application of commission without applicable





Inappropriate collection of freight tax and various fees





Credit card misuse





Avoidance the ticket deadline





False name booking / Duplicate booking










Unused/Passive Segment





Passenger contact information





Refund/Reissue for the used ticket





VOID ticket on the day of departure

(No-show fee will be charged if void within 12 hours before flight or after flight departure)





* Admin fee will be charged for each ticket

1) Non-compliance with fare regulations

a. Incorrect fares applied and combined.

b. Inputting an incorrect Fare Basis or IT Code

c. Fare Calculation Line not following IATA ticketing rules.


2) Non-compliance with refund regulations

a. Incorrect calculation of refund fares and Taxes/Fees/Charges (TFCs)/Surcharges

b. Incorrect application of cancellation fees and refund fees

c. Incorrect calculation of refund commission (Commission recall) amount

d. Refund to a different payment method than the one used at the time of ticketing.

e. Refunds issued after the ticket expiration date.


3) Type In wrong TOUR/WAIVER CODE

a. Enter TOUR/WAIVER CODE without any applicable information.

b. If WAIVER CODE is not entered, WAIVER cannot be applied (Admin fee + applicable ticket penalty

  will be charged)


4) Application of commission without applicable

Application of non-applicable sections and over-commission (standard & supplementary)


5) Inappropriate collection of freight tax and various fees

EX) The case of put in inappropriate tax code.


6) Credit card misuse

a. If a debt is charged to ZA as a result of credit card fraud in connection with an agency ticket, all costs will be billed to and collected from the agency in accordance with IATA resolution 890.

b. Agency tickets with credit card charges and commissions applied that are not permitted under

  local credit card agreements.


7) Avoidance the ticket deadline

Repeatedly canceling and booking the same itinerary in the same or different classes to extend the

deadline (TL).   


8) False Name / Duplicate Bookings               

Duplicate bookings of seats on the same or conflicting flights within one or multiple PNRs created

with the same passenger’s name.


9) Churning

Repeated cancellation and reservation of the same journey with one or more PNR in the same or

different class without due date (TL) ticketing progress.

Charge for Admin fee each from more than 5 changing cases.


*Example of imposition penalty:

4 times: (4-4) times X USD 5 = USD 0 (no penalty)

5 times: (5-4) times X USD 5 = USD 5

6 times: (6-4) times X USD 5 = USD 10


10) Unused Segments / Passive Segments

a. Undeleted/unused Segments 24 hours prior to departure Segments (HX, UN, UC, NO, SC, TK, US, PN, HL, or WK etc.)

b. Undeleted/unused Passive Segments 24 hours prior to departure Passive Segments (GK, PK, YK, DS etc.)


11) Passenger contact information

a. Passengers contact information not entered.

b. Passenger information miss entered (ex) Different from passenger passport information)


12) Refund/Reissue for the used ticket

※ For prevent to refund for the used ticket, please check ticket status at least 24 hours after departure time and apply for a refund.


13) VOID ticket on the day of departure

If Void ticket within 12 hours of departure will be applied No-show rule.

4. ADM Processing Procedures and Agent Dispute Procedures

Refunding or making changes to tickets that have been used.


1) ADM Admin fee

Admin fee will be charged for each ticket. (Refer to page 3)


2) ADM Amount

In the case of incomplete collection of fare, taxes or other fees, the difference between the fare that should have been charged and the actual issued fare is reflected as the ADM amount, and for fully collected tickets that do not comply with ticketing regulations, the ADM Admin fee for issuing ADMs is charged per ticket.


3) ADM Exemption Principles

  1. Exemption of management fees because ADM is not attributable to agents when issuing ADM due to reasons such as inability to purchase local BSP credit cards or refusal to pay passengers.
  2. In accordance with IATA Resolution 850m, if the ADM issue error or reason for issue is not attributed to the agency, the cancellation of ADM issue and the cancellation of Admin fee or refund are taken at the same time as the cancellation of ADM issue.


4) ADM Processing Procedures and Agent Dispute Procedures

In accordance with the IATA regulation 850m,


  1. ADM may be issued through BSP within 9 months from the last boarding date, and if the final boarding date cannot be confirmed, the validation date of the ticket is based on the expiration date. After the specified period, the settlement must be made directly between the agent and the airline.
  2. ADM issuance for refund adjustment is possible within 9 months from the BSP remittance date on which the refund document has been processed, and adjustments for subsequent periods are handled directly by the agent and airline.
  3. Sky Angkor Airlines issues ADM through BSP link and gives the agency a 15-day vocation period without reflecting the actual amount.
  4. ADM is automatically reflected in the earliest billing cycle 15 days after the filing period and takes time until the first billing period after the agency's filing and the airline's rejection of the agency's filing.
  5. When raising an objection, a clear reason must be entered in English in the "Dispute reason" column, otherwise, the objection cannot be reflected.