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Korea Departure Guide

1. Check-in
All departing passengers are required to check the validity of passport and ticket information prior to the departure.  Sky Angkor airlines Check-in counter opens 3 hours prior to the departure. Please don’t forget PASSPORT and E-Ticket.
2. Checked Baggage
- Strongly refuse to carry any items as the request of strangers(drug, valuables, firearms, etc.).
- Please Hand-carry expensive items such as cameras and jewelry, or fragile items.
- Checked Baggage Allowance Maximum weight is 30kg/40kg (which exceeds this weight will be paid for $10.00 / 1kg)
- Hand carry on baggage Allowance Maximum weight is 7kg
- Please write your name, address and destination on your luggage in English in case your baggage gets lost.
3. Security Screening
- With your boarding pass and passport, go to security check point for security screening. 
- To guarantee the safety of passengers and airplanes, security screening is compulsory for all passengers. So please co-operate with airport security operations.
- A number of items are prohibited from being carried into the cabin of an aircraft or through a screening check point because they are considered a security risk: weapons, explosive item, tools and knives, needles, flammable items, chemical items, poisonous item, etc.
4. Departure  Immigration Process
1) Wait at the line in front of the immigration desk
2) Take off your hat or sunglasses, and do not use a mobile phone while waiting.
3) Present a valid passport and boarding pass
4) Obtain departure confirmation on the passport and take it back, pass through immigration.
5. Boarding
Boarding begins 30 minutes prior to departure time and Gate Closing time is 10 minutes before actual departure, so take caution not to be late. Incheon International Airport does not make announcements for individual departing passengers.

Korea Arrivals Guide

1. To Prepare Travelling Documents (Before landing at Korea, PAX prepare to 3 documents)
   1) Quarantine Questionnaire
   2) Arrival Card (Korean citizen no need this document)
   3) Customs Declaration Form
2. Quarantine
- Present to Quarantine Questionnaire
- Passengers and crew arriving from potential areas affected by Cholera, yellow fever, pests and other endemic diseases, in: Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America, are required to complete and submit the quarantine questionnaire upon arrival.
- Passengers with symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pains, vomit and/or fever are required to declare it to the quarantine officer upon arrival. If the symptoms persist, the passenger is required to visit the nearest quarantine office, hospital or health center.
3. Arrival Immigration 
- Visitors who will enter into the Republic of Korea are required to submit the arrival card. (Korean citizen no need this document)
- Passengers are advised to queue at the immigration desk and have their travelling documents ready (passport, arrival card and other documents). The Immigration officer must verify your photo ID and may ask several questions in accordance with screening procedures. 
4. Procedure for Baggage Claim 
   1) Check the baggage carousel number. (After immigration you can check screen)
   2) Go to the 1st floor
   3) Stand by at the designated baggage carousel and pick up your baggage
5. Customs Inspection
All arriving passengers from foreign countries must prepare and submit a customs declaration form.
When traveling with family, only one customs declaration form needs to be filled.
Fill out the Customs declaration form and declare corresponding items, and also remember to enter traveler's name, date of birth, and other personal information.
Customs Declaration forms may be filled out in the arrival area, but in order to expedite process, please fill it out before landing.
* Citizens of South Korea are entitled to $600 in duty free items

* Customs Declaration

Gategory Details
Korean Passengers Passengers carrying cash over USD 10,000 to overseas must declare it to Customs Foreign Currency Report Desk.
Immigrants, Viitors, International Students, Travel Agencies Passengers carrying more than USD 10,000 in cash -> Approved certificate from the bank is required. Earnings from trade or stock exchange -> authorization is required if deemed necessary.
Other Passengers

Requires approval of Foreign Exchange bank director of the Bank of Korea or the Customs director.

* Approval process  take a couple of days. Passengers are advised to get ther necessary approval in advance. Reported amount upon entry can be taken out only once.

More Detail

Korea Customs Service


6. Entry Republic of Korea 

* To Enter Korea Travelling Documents Form

Health Questionnaire

Customs Declaration


ARRIVAL CARD (Korean Citizen no need)