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About Cambodia

Cambodia is situated on the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula of southeast Asia, bounded by Vietnam in east , Laos in north and Thailand in west, and close to Gulf of Thailand, which has a 460 kilometers of coastline. The central and south of Cambodia is plain, east, north and west of Cambodia is surrounded by mountains and highlands, and most of these area is covered by forests. Part of Mekong River flow through the east of Cambodia, is about 500 kilometers. Lake Tonle Sap is the biggest natural fresh water lake in Southeast Asia, famous as its name—fish lake.

There is no earthquake, Tsunami and such natural disasters in Cambodia, it is suited for living. The national population of Cambodia is over 14 million with about 20 nations, the major nation is Khmer which is 80 percentage of all, also has other nations such as Cham, PuNong. There is about 600 thousand ethnic Chinese in Cambodia. The official language is Khmer. The state religion is Buddhism, about 90% of people are Buddhists.



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