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How to write ZA Epilogue

Location : Cambodia

21 Oct 2015

How to write ZA Epilogue

1. Write Epilogue Click

2. Name, Email Address, Password, Nationality

  - this is necessary for Edit and Delete

  - You can upload  several pictue same time. (Maximum 10 photos, Maximum size 2 MB, Maximum Width 2,000px)

3. Save

4. You cannot see your epilogue immediately, but you can edit(comment only) and Delete. If you upload improper pictures and comment, it will be deleted from administrator. 

5. After approval, you cannot edit and delete.

6. After approval, you and someone can make reply in the same way ‘Write epilogue’.

7. Reply can check immediately, if reply is improper reply, will be deleted.

8. If you want to delete your epilogue, please use reply.

THank you