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[ZA] Anniversary 5th Sky Angkor Airlines Annual Party

Location : Cambodia

28 Apr 2015



Thank you for celebrating to the 5th Sky Angkor Airlines Annual Party.

It is all our result of co-operation which started with only one aircraft and almost 60 people, and now, representing one of the best Airlines in Cambodia.

Don’t forget Sky Angkor Airlines is all of our result and achievement.

I would like to thank to all for your hard work and sacrifice for every single person here.

We have achieved many things at this moment. Now I’m curious what you are seeing now. Do you satisfy with our current position or do you see higher place?

I wish you to be proud of Sky Angkor Airlines employee and go higher place with me.

We are still growing. Sometime we slowdown ourselves but we are still growing.

I want you to understand that the most important in this company is every one of you and I want you to be with me for our brighter future.

When we prepare our operation, most important things are passengers’ safety and comfortable service.

From the very bottom of operation to the top, if we do our best to provide the best service and the best work, it will be delivered to their safety and comfortableness.

I believe the best service mind of ours will be delivered to the passengers.

As the representing Cambodia Airlines, Sky Angkor Airlines must work hard to maintain the best safety level and your effort of it.

Now it is already fifth annual party. It is time to look back our previous five years and see forward for another five years. Tonight is the party and celebration of that. To make more safe and comfortable and enjoyable Sky Angkor Airlines, let’s enjoy tonight and work hard for our brighter future.

Thank you.



Mr. Mak Rady