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Introduction to Cambodia's e-Arrival (CeA) System

Location : Cambodia

24 Jun 2024

Introduction to Cambodia's e-Arrival (CeA) System:
The Kingdom of Cambodia is a beloved travel destination known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. To enhance convenience for travelers, the Cambodian government has introduced the e-Arrival (CeA) system. This system simplifies and streamlines the entry process for visitors.
What is the CeA System?
The Cambodia e-Arrival (CeA) system is a digital platform that allows travelers to apply for entry online before arriving in Cambodia.
Key Features of the CeA System
1. Easy Application: Fill out the entry application online.
2. Quick Approval: Most applications are processed within hours.
3. Convenient Entry: Approved travelers use dedicated immigration lanes for faster entry.
4. Information Security: Personal information is securely protected.
How to Apply?
1. Visit the official website.
2. Fill out the online application.
3. Receive and print or save the approval email.
Important Update:
'Starting July 1, 2024', arrival cards will no longer be required. Until June 30, 2024, travelers must complete arrival cards, but from July 1 onwards, those who apply online via the CeA system can enter without them.
Benefits of the CeA System:
• Time-Saving: Reduces waiting time at the airport.
• Convenience: Easy online application and payment.
• Enhanced Security: Secure handling of personal and travel information.
The Cambodia e-Arrival (CeA) system offers travelers a convenient and efficient entry process. Use the CeA system to prepare for your trip and enjoy the beauty of Cambodia.