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Cargo Fare Table



∙  Please check the Belly Cargo fare amounts by Kakao Talk 'Sky Angkor' as the applicable fare may differ according to the date of commencement of travel and ticketing.



Origin Destination Minimum Nomal (+45kg) (+100kg) (+300kg) (+500kg) Remark
₩37,500 ₩7,200 ₩5,660 ₩4,680 ₩4,680 ₩4,680 Per/Kg
- Freight rates are based on the IATA-Standard
- Fare table is based on ICN Airport to PNH Airport fare, other costs are calculated separately
- Calculated based on chargeable weight measured at the port of origin
- The fuel surcharge is based on the market price of Singapore current fuel each month. PNH is calculated as a medium distance surcharge.