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Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair use services

- wheelchair service will be provided to passengers who have difficulty walking by him/herself.

* Wheelchair service is only available when departure.
* Please note that there might be fees for using wheelchair services

- Wheelchair service is provided to passengers who have registered in advance.

* The number of wheelchairs is limited for each airport, so you may use them in the order of pre-booking.

* If you do not apply for a wheelchair service in advance, you may be charged for additional fee

- Passengers who need to use Wheelchair service should register in advance at least 48 hours before departure by Reservation department

(For Cambodia/Thailand: +855-23-234-567 or / Korea: +82-2-2088-5232 or

* You need to fill out the application form and send it to the above email.

* Passengers using wheelchair service should arrive at the check-in counter earlier, considering the service application time and time to arrive at the airport.

(1 hour before departure for domestic flights and 2 hours before departure for international flights)

* Wheelchair service fee:

Incheon-P.P: $60.00 (Round trip) / Incheon-P.P: $30.00 (One way)

Bangkok-P.P: $60.00 (Round trip) / Bangkok-P.P: $30.00 (One way)









Please click on the right to download the application form, and fill out infromation to process by e-mail

(For Cambodia/Thailand: +855-23-234-567 or / Korea: +82-2-2088-5232 or