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Introduction to Sky Angkor Airlines


Corporate Identity

Blue skies and a mysterious forest, and the world of quilting sky symbolizes the appearance of Blue bird.

Our symbol expresses the bluish green sky and the mysterious forest of Cambodia.

Terms of Colors

Gradient Blue

Represents Cambodia's bluish sky, fine weather, and city of water.

Gradient Green

Represents Cambodia's meadow, tropical forest, and innocence.

Pantone process

Cyan C


G160 B233

Pantone 2747 C

C100 M95 Y5

R23 G42 B136


Pantone 381 C

C20 Y100

R218 G224


Pantone 370 C

C60 M14 Y100


R108 G160 B41

Logo Type

An arbitrary modification of company logos are not allowed except the examples below.

Type 1. English with the symbol